2 Years


About The Course

This route will produce graduates with specific knowledge and expertise in Computer Science. The career of these graduates range from being employed in a software house and designing code to any kind of firmware or middleware responsible for driving a variety of hardware. This also includes research-led professional positions, where software development is needed.

Entry Requirements

Graduation with 50% marks from a recognized University, having studied any of the subjects.

1. Computer

2. Mathematics

3. Physics

4. Statistics

5. Economics

6. Commerce

7. B.Tech with 60% marks in relevant field.

Course overview
first Semester

Subject Credit Hours  
Fundamental of Algorithums 3 Credit Hours  
Operating Systems 3 Credit Hours  
Discrete Structures 3 Credit Hours  
English Comprehension & Communication 3 Credit Hours  
Introduction to Computer Programming 4 Credit Hours  

SECOND Semester

Subject Credit Hours  
Object Oriented Programming 4 Credit Hours  
Automata Theory 3 Credit Hours  
Computer Networks 3 Credit Hours  
Data Base Management Systems 4 Credit Hours  
Digital Logic & Design 3 Credit Hours  
Data Structures 4 Credit Hours  

third Semester

Subject Credit Hours  
Computer Architecture 3 Credit Hours  
Software Engineering 3 Credit Hours  
Web Programming 3 Credit Hours  
Advanced Object Oriented Programming 4 Credit Hours  
Data Communication 3 Credit Hours  

fourth Semester

Subject Credit Hours  
Technical Business Writing 3 Credit Hours  
Artificial Intelligence 3 Credit Hours  
Visual Programming 4 Credit Hours  
Compiler Construction 3 Credit Hours