MBA Executive

2 Years


About The Course

The major motivations of practicing Managers in choosing the course are:

1. Accelerated Advancement in their chosen Profession

2. A change of Career Direction

3. A wish to start their own Business

4. A desire to develop their business skills and the ability to apply them more effectively.

By undertaking IBF-NUML Executive-MBA you show your commitment to an employer through focusing on your career by building strategic skills to improve Management responsibilities.

Entry Requirements

1. BBA/B.Com (2 years programme) with 2nd division,

2. BA/BSc with 2nd division and preferable having studied any one of the subjects, viz:

1. Mathematics

2. Physics

3. Statistics

4. Economics

5. Computer Science

6. Commerce

with minimum 4 years of Managerial level job experience after Graduation.

*All HEC's Conditions Apply.

Course overview
FIRST Semester

Subject Credit Hours  
Financial Accounting 3 Credit Hours  
Theory & Practice of Management 3 Credit Hours  
Introduction of IT 3 Credit Hours  
Marketing Management 3 Credit Hours  
Business Communication 3 Credit Hours  

SECOND Semester

Subject Credit Hours
Business Mathematics & Statistics 3 Credit Hours
Human Resource Management 3 Credit Hours
Business Economics 3 Credit Hours
Financial Management 3 Credit Hours
Managerial Accounting 3 Credit Hours

THIRD Semester

Subject Credit Hours
Business Research Methods 3 Credit Hours
Entrepreneurship 3 Credit Hours
Production & Operations Management 3 Credit Hours
Elective - I 3 Credit Hours
Elective - II 3 Credit Hours

FOURTH Semester

Subject Credit Hours
Knowledge Management 3 Credit Hours
Buniness Law 3 Credit Hours
Leadership & Organizational Behavior 3 Credit Hours
Elective - III 3 Credit Hours
Elective - IV 3 Credit Hours

Specialization / Elective Subjects

New Product Development
Advertising & Promotion
Personal Selling
Brand Management
Corporate Finance
Investment & Portfolio Management
Analysis of Financial Statement
Financial Risk Management
Human Resource Management
Compensation Structure Development
Career Management Planning
Organizational Development
Job & Performance Evaluation Appraisal
Supply Chain Management
Intro. to Supply Chain
Logistics Management
Supply Chain Strategies
Project Management