(1.5 years)


About The Course

The degree programme focuses on advanced study of Organizations, Leadership Strategies, International Management Strategies and the changing external context in which businesses operate. By contextualizing core Management Principles and practices with an understanding of the varied Business Functions and their inter-relationships, students develop the skills and expertise required to become forward-thinking, proactive leaders with a solid grasp of international arrangement strategy.

Entry Requirements

1. BBA (Hons)

2. B.Com (Hons)

3. BS A&F (Hons)

4. BS Commerce (Hons)
with CGPA 2.5 out of 4.

*All HEC's conditions apply.

Course overview
first Semester

Subject Credit Hours
Corporate Information Strategy & Management 3 Credit Hours
Advanced Research Methods 3 Credit Hours
Elective - I 3 Credit Hours
Elective - II 3 Credit Hours

second Semester

Subject Credit Hours
Multivariate Analysis 3 Credit Hours
Strategic Management 3 Credit Hours
Elective - III 3 Credit Hours
Elective - IV 3 Credit Hours

third Semester

Subject Credit Hours
Thesis Research Paper Publish 6 Credit Hours
E.Business 3 Credit Hours
Project Appraisal Management 3 Credit Hours

Specialization / Elective Subjects

Customer Relationship Management
Marketing of Services
Marketing Research
Strategic Marketing
Corporate Governance
International Finance
Mergers Acquisition & Corporation Restructuring
Strategic Finance
Human Resource Management
Recruitment and Selection
Personal Training and Development
Conflict and Negotiation Management
Learning Organization