English Language Centre



We are immensely proud to offer quality English Language Programs to meet your various needs. We promise to offer excellent teaching and up-to-date materials and resources. IBF looks forward to help you achieve your goals and is certain that you will enjoy studying here at English Language Centre (ELC). At ELC, We offer the following programs:

• Communicative English Programme (CEP)


• IELTS Life Skills

IBF English Language Center (ELC) offers a wide range of Full- Time and Part- Time English Courses at all levels (Beginners to Advanced).

Courses vary from 4 to 32 weeks.

1. Top notch education programmes with personalized service.

2. A very friendly environment as we believe learning is fun!

3. Fully equipped state of the art classrooms with audiovisual resources.

4. A study center that offers computers equipped with language learning software, books on various areas of interest, Newspaper, Journals and Magazines.

5. A Language Laboratory that allows you to improve Listening and Pronunciation Skills

6. DVD/Video watching facilities with computers for self-study

7. Counseling area with academic experts to guide you for your career and future pathways

8. Professional teaching team. We understand that every individual is different and consequently have varied reasons for learning English and interests. To make sure that you achieve your learning goals, we have developed a unique study system which allows you to customize your course to suit your needs, goals and preferences.

IBF English Language Centre (ELC) will develop the following Skills:

• Listening and Reading strategies for Better and Effective Comprehension

• Writing techniques to prepare students for their actual language requirements

• Speaking Ability to develop confidence

• IELTS Test Structure, Style and Type of Questions

• IELTS Test Time Management and directions for the different sections

Programmes offered